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Our Story Begins With You

We exist to help enhance your initiatives while sharing value from farm to cup.


How We Share Value

Every individual involved in our coffee production from farm to cup is paid a fair wage
30% of the profit go back to the organization offering Testimony coffee
 An additional 10% of the profit goes toward mental health services

Why We Are Different


We use quality coffee that meets rigorous standards with detailed environmental, social and economic criteria by coffee certification groups like UTZ and RFA. This includes sustainable farming practices, which improve the land, climate, and coffee.

Shared Value

We offer great coffee at a fair price to customers who believe in sharing value with farmers, local roasters, and suppliers while giving faith-based organizations, schools, and service organizations the opportunity enhance their initiatives through offering Testimony coffee. 


Our hope is that Testimony coffee inspires both individuals and businesses to stand up for their communities and make an impact. For us, it’s offering consumers quality coffee at a fair price, where they can be confident that their purchase helps great organizations flourish and reach their goals.