How It Works

Purchase with a Purpose

How it works and why we believe in what we are doing.
We get quality coffee at an incredible value.

Our networks, expertise and knowledge of the coffee industry allow us to provide the best quality coffee for the best price.

Our beans are expertly roasted and blended.

After using our connections to get quality coffee, we roast and blend our beans to perfection and package them up just for you.

We customize our experience to benefit the community.

Each school, non-profit or faith-based organization that enrolls in our subscription program will a receive a 30% donation from the profit of the coffee they sell.

You can subscribe for coffee delivered to your door.

Our online and subscription experience makes it easy for your supporters to purchase delicious coffee and support your mission.

Value is shared every step of the way.

We are a non-asset based, disruptive coffee company that will provide shared value from farm to cup. In addition to the 30% contribution to the designated nonprofit, an additional 10% is donated to mental health.