Who We Work With

Shared value from farm to cup

We customize community coffee programs for churches and other faith based organizations and create sustainable fundraising models tailored to schools and nonprofits. Each organization that enrolls in our subscription program will be provided a code that automatically sets them up to receive a 30% donation.

Faith Based Organizations

Utilize love for coffee to drive support for the church or other specific initiatives

Create an opportunity to invest the proceeds from coffee sales to other ministries

Generate opportunities for sustainability and open the door for an in-house coffee experience

Schools & Nonprofits

Start a sustainable fundraising program that can carry over from year to year

Offer a product already being consumed so their daily cup makes a difference

Easy to use website makes it a great customer experience  

Mental Health Organizations

We donate 10% of our profits to mental health services

We connect deeply with this issue and want to help

We believe the semicolon is a reminder to pause, heal, and begin again

Our Nonprofits

If you are coming to our site as an individual, we have two nonprofits to choose from that will receive our 30% donation from your purchase. Each has a 90+ rating from Charity Navigator. If you would like to submit a non-profit for consideration, please contact us. Our current nonprofits partners are:
Kids Alive International

Dedicated to rescuing kids around the world

Rainforest Action Network

Protects forests and the environmention.